S**t the Funnelholic says: Five things I said this week

I say a bunch of things, some are quoted and others are forgotten.  I figured I would jot them down and see if we can learn anything from them…musings from Craig Rosenberg, like it or not:

1.  Content won’t solve the problem, but you probably can’t solve the problem without content — I am completely bought into the content marketing game.  However, if you need more deals/pipeline, the answer is not “more content” although content should be included as part of the plan.  I talked to a couple startup marketers who  told me the first thing they need to go do is create content.  Let me get this straight, you are just starting to figure out how to make money and you want to create content first?  Actually….

2.  Don’t be a sissy, call people — I am sorry, you want to start a business? You want to launch a new product?  The first thing you do is get on the phone. You will learn more from that than anything else.  And don’t tell them you are doing market research, just sell…it’s ok.  If you ask someone: “If I came to you and said you could do X what would you say”.  If they know it will do no harm, they will say “yes”.  If you ask someone, can i send you a proposal for X.  You will know what they really think. Then you can create content.  Buyer personas? Same thing…just make sure you know one thing:

3.  You can’t create buyer personas without talking to them — Please don’t make buyer personas without talking to these people.  I suggest you start with your theory and go test it live.  Then create content, it will be better.  By the way, have you noticed:

4.  We have a bunch of people in the workforce who have never been spanked —  I am telling you…I brought this up to a colleague and she said: “No kidding, can I ask that on a job description? Along with: Where you on a losing team and didn’t get a trophy? Do you call your parents’ friends mr. and mrs?”  I remember seeing a tweet from @damphoux: “Please keep working hard #thingsIneverhadtobetold” Funny, sometimes I have whipped this one out:

5.  There is a bus strapped with a bomb that can’t go less than 55 miles per hour or it will blow up. You are Keanu Reeves, please act accordingly — Net-net, look at the clock man and get urgent.  I don’t want you to make bad decisions by rushing, but I want you to know a bunch of people on this bus are counting on you and f-ing up and saying “my bad” isn’t going to do anyone any good.

PS If you read this as bitterness, you don’t know me.  I wrote this smiling and having fun.

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter