5 more books for the aspiring Funnelholic

Wow, I had no idea how many personal “thank yous” I would get on my last post on Adam Needles book.  It just proves that b2b marketing is hard to learn and people are craving recommendations.  So, people asked me for a couple more recommendations.  We just moved to a new office, so I pulled out my box of books here at work.  There are probably more in my home shelf so anticipate another “5 more books for the aspiring Funnelholic” post in a couple weeks. I am both a sales and marketing guy, so the books cross both boundaries AND I believe sales and marketing should read them all (remember sales and marketing alignment!).  Here I go:

1. Content Rules by Ann Handley and CC Chapman — Great stuff and written in fun, engaging way.  I honestly didn’t think I would like it, but ended up REALLY liking it.  Content marketing is “the joint” right now, and this book helps understand it and provide tangible actions to take right now.

2.  Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy — It was my first book and I have kept it close by.  He was one of the original masters and there is so much to learn in there. Another fun read that takes you one day at the beach to get through.

3.  Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore — It is cliche to even include it on my list, but I had to.  If you are in b2b technology — you have to read it. Period.

4.  Sales Mastery A Novel by Barry Trailer — Ready for this: First interview out of college, I find a dude who was in my fraternity who was a VP at Oracle.  I go in to see him.  10 minutes in he says: “Ok, get a better suit because what you have on is terrible and read this book”.  He handed me Sales Mastery.  The book is cool because it is a fictional story with important points about complex selling. My first sales book!! Count it!

5.  The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino — It was a recommendation from my buddy Lars Nilsson.  I bought it, looked at the ancient storyline and put it on my shelf for 10 years.  I just read it and now I get it.  Inspiring and important is how I would describe it -read it.

Note: I have no commercial relationship with these people.

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  • Yes Andrew’s book looks good so far- just read first chapter. Like clicking on his links on the ipad. Dan McDade’s The Truth About Leads should also be on the list.

  • editor

    Paul; do you mean Adam?

    Also, love Dan McDade — Ill have to read his book.