The Current State of Marketing Automation (Infographic)

My first very important announcement is:, my employer, created the infographic below.

My second very important announcement is: I like it and I hope you do too. Mad props to Carlos Hidalgo, who helped curate the information. For me, following the marketing automation space has been the first time I have been able to watch a market from start to finish and really understand it. Yes, I have been alive in Silicon Valley during the rise of all the other technologies du jour, but this one I know. I love being a fan.

I hope you find the infographic interesting — we’ll have to see how much it changes next year!

  • I’m amazed you can call this current.

    Marketing Automation is an early attempt at Technology Aided Prospecting.

    As marketing has moved on from email and push marketing and as the need has become apparent to involve sales from the beginning, rather than simply as closers, so the technology has moved forward too.

    There are much cleverer second generation systems out there, yet they don’t even merit a mention.

    Is money changing hands here?

  • Great infographic! I just wrote an article for that talks about the MA industry and where’s headed. This is a great way to illustrate a lot of the points made in the article.

    It’s also interesting to note that the recent demise of MarketBright might point to some vendors closing shop.

  • tcarb

    Is this based on global or NA automation market?

  • Marketer Geek

    Peter, I am interested in these new solutions. Do you have names of the vendors? I’m certain everyone reading would be interested in visiting the vendor sites and learning more about the features and pricing available. If you could post them in the comments it would be much appreciated.

  • Sheryl Williams

    Craig, Has there been an update to this infographic? I’d like to compare it to what we are seeing in the reviews here at TrustRadius.

    Thank you again for being one of our thought leaders in the TrustRadius Buyers Guide to Marketing Automation at