The Power of the “Tweetable Moment”

Background: I just did my annual “You Bought a List, Now What?” webinar with Netprospex. Literally, spur of the moment, I made up a phrase: the “tweetable moment.” More background: Part of the presentation includes ways to create remarkable content. At Focus, we ask our writers include “aha!” moments when creating content. Well, I’m changing that to “tweetable moment.” PS, that got tweeted. I used it again tonight in my preso at the Sales 2.0 Conference, and then Lisa Gschwandtner brought up the term “tweetable moment” a couple times afterward. I realized: It’s on. Write that down.

Webinars, PDFs, blog posts, social media, guest posts, videos, slide share presos – the overall content itself can be shareable, but are you creating “tweetable moments”? Definition: Sound bites that are begging to be re-quoted in 140 characters or less – memorable and consumable. Frankly, I don’t think about and devise sound bites, and I am not sure the true master of the tweetable moment does either; truly tweetable moments come out naturally. At any rate, a “tweetable moment” is like adding a dash of Tapatío Hot Sauce to your content. Shake well and season to taste.

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  • I love it! I think I subconsciously try to identify those potential “tweetable moments” whenever I prepare to speak in public.

    But know you are putting a name on the process. Thanks for sharing as I will definitely attribute the line back to you my friend!

  • Lisa G

    Speaking as a bloggers’ table veteran, tweetable moments usually include:

    1) any sort of statistic
    2) smackdowns about the competition in presos/gossip
    3) any phrase that rhymes
    4) provocative questions
    5) names of specific tools or solutions (“so-and-so used X tool to close 75% more deals in Q4”)
    6) punchy sentences totaling 120 characters (leaving room for hashtags & RT possibilities)

    Good example of the latter from your panel discussion yesterday: [“The Sales Facilitator” is a rep who can connect peers and “stay out of the way” #s20c @funnelholic]

    When can we see a post on “The Sales Facilitator” ….? 🙂

  • Cool! It’s nice when something you say or bring up gets bandied about. I’ll have to take the “tweetable moment” concept to heart. As you say, it may not a fully conscious creation — like a great song. But once you start your brain moving in that direction and nurture it, it somehow gets into the spine. I bet passion is somewhere in that equation. When you truly believe in what you’re saying, those pearls form when the time is right.

    Recently, our company had a couple of clients repeat a phrase/concept we brought up in meetings: “use every part of the buffalo”.

    That’s when you know you’re message is getting through.