Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Is it time to close (or perhaps rename) this blog? This question has been in the back of my mind for the past few weeks. I tried to create a provocative title for this post, but the real question is: What should I do with The Funnelholic? The issue at hand is that I believe I have a lot to offer beyond just the sales and marketing funnel. Here is an example: I have learned a lot about the startup business from helping build Tippit and now Focus – I want to share these tips. Moreover, with my new role at Focus, I have been reading a ton of customer service, HR, and business-building content that I want to discuss and share. Is The Funnelholic capable of expanding beyond the funnel?

Here is another scenario I thought of: What if, for my next job, I want to be hired as a CEO (for example). Would being The Funnelholic help me or hurt me?

Just so everyone knows, I have written about how I came to the name this blog on the Annuitas Blog awhile back. In a nutshell, my CEO Scott Albro came up with the name. I had wanted “Funnelnomics,” but it was taken by my friend Suaad Sait . Scott said, “You need something that represents you, more fun and loose, it should be something like ‘The Funnelholic.’ I bought the domain name that day, started blogging, and it was on.

It was a great name: totally memorable and well-suited for my personality (irreverent, a bit edgy). Just the other night, I went to the Content Rules awards dinner, hosted by Eloqua at Foreign Cinema, and met Ann Handley for the first time. I said, “I’m Craig Rosenberg.” No reaction, no recognition. Then I said, “The Funnelholic.” “Ooooh!” she said. Like it or not, The Funnelholic is my brand.

But is it my brand, or have I typecast myself? I feel like a television star trying to break out of his medium to make it in the movies. What do I do now that I want to talk about more? I want to talk about business, not just demand generation and marketing automation. This whole “soul-searching” process has led me to these questions:

1. What should I do with The Funnelholic? Now that you know what you know, what is your recommendation? Should it stay or should it go? At the Content Rules dinner, I asked my table-mates the same question. My table had PR people (but primarily knowledgeable social media-ites) Mandy Mladenoff, Abigail Snyder, Jesse Noyes, Tyler Willis, and Lisa Loeffler. They thought I was crazy (literally). Their vote was that the brand stays and the writing can evolve. What do you think? Please submit your opinion.

2. What is the best practice for naming a blog? Should you use your name, or should you give the blog its own unique name? Could I have avoided typecasting had I gone with my name? Give me your input.

The real question is: Now what?

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • Jeremy Tyrrell

    Hi – we met in Vegas at VES, and until I read this blog I actually forgot your name (sorry to be brutal about it). I DID remember the “Funnelholic” name and have been following you since we met.

    Be the Brand, man! I agree with the advice – the brand can evolve as you do. I’m not sure this is a fair analogy, but some of us remember a time when you couldn’t get breakfast at a fast food restaurant – but now there’s only one place I go for a quick Egg McMuffin. The brand didn’t change, the menu did.

    It’s not typecasting since you decide the content, the speaking engagements, the topic…

  • Agree with other folks. Keep the name, expand the content.
    Position the word funnel as opportunity. Opportunity can be in anything. We have a dating funnel 🙂 a business opportunity funnel, a career funnel, an idea or start-up funnel etc.

    Funnel is nothing more than the name we give to the “package” of opportunities we have in life.

    Opportunity creation or demand generation isn’t just about sales, it’s about broader business and even more, life in general.

    Keep and it and expand it.

  • Dude, you’ll always be the Funnelholic to me.

    On topic: Hubspot has tons of blogs. Create a new one. Maintain 2. Have one stay focused on Demand Gen and the other focused on something else. (not to over use the word Focus or anything).

    More SEO credit. Wider audience.


  • Let the Funnelholic blog live!!! It’s your unique position… and very memorable. Although I live in the marketing & sales automation world, I still consume content around HR, legal, startup tips, business building, etc. and would appreciate info from you on those topics… even though you’re the “Funnelholic”. My twitter handle is @SaaSman – clearly SaaS is a passion of mine and could potentially pigeonhole me… but it doesn’t keep me from posting a tip on how to properly heat up a slice of pizza I learned from a pizza chef or other random info on whatever topic I choose. In the end, I’m remembered as the SaaS guy who knows a lot about cloud-based marketing & sales automation… but I talk about lots more. Funnelholic is your position and expertise… but it doesn’t mean you can’t expand the conversation outside of funnel topics.

    Viva la Funnel!

  • Hi Craig – KEEP THE NAME. It can be difficult to build a solid and memorable brand and you’ve got something there. There is nothing that says that you can’t expand the content or the focus. Funnelholic is awesome and the content will just get better.

  • Even the CEO should be a Funnelholic… I’d keep it going! Plus you will lose a lot in SEO and online authority if you start a new domain.