An Interview with Myself: The Funnelholic’s New Job

Over the past few months, I have been transitioning into a new position at In celebration, The Funnelholic (me) has agreed to interview Craig Rosenberg (also me).

The Funnelholic: Craig, I understand you have very exciting news. Tell us about it!

Craig: Well, Craig, I am so glad you asked. Recently I have moved from Vice President of Products and Services to become the Leader of the Focus Expert Network. I spend my days (and nights) cultivating the Focus Expert Network that powers It’s truly one of the best jobs in the world — I get to engage with some of the brightest, most insightful business experts in the world. I have a team whose job is to recruit, engage and manage the world-class industry and technology experts who make up the Focus Expert Network. I am really excited and having fun again. By the way, please don’t think of this is one of those “shaking-hands-and-kissing-babies” jobs; I still have rigorous metrics that I must adhere to.

The Funnelholic: So tell us more about the Focus Expert Network.

Craig: was founded on the premise that business and industry expertise should be open, free and available to everyone. While this type of in-depth expertise traditionally has been reserved for the Fortune 500, is fostering the democratization of industry data, information and advice by reinventing how expertise is created and consumed by business professionals.

At the heart of Focus is the Focus Expert Network. Our experts power the real-time Q&A, research and personalized support that so many businesses now depend on.

The Funnelholic: What will happen to The Funnelholic?

Craig: I am still The Funnelholic. Trust me. Granted, I will be creating posts late at night, but I am still a b2b sales and marketing addict, and I believe I still have something to offer the community. That will not change.

You know it’s funny, most people know me as The Funnelholic as opposed to someone who actually has a “day job.” Case in point: I’ve told a number business contacts – people who’ve known me for years —  that I have a new position, and their answer was: “What was your previous position?” Ask them if I am The Funnelholic, and there’s no doubt about it. The Funnelholic lives on. Period.

The Funnelholic: What has changed in your life since moving to your new position?

Craig: This is amazing, but for the first time in five years, I have updated my LinkedIn profile and it was a big deal. (Note to self: You know you have a legit brand when you evoke feelings like that.) Here it is, the new improved Craig Rosenberg LinkedIn profile. BTW, I am realizing how many profiles I have created around the Web…they will not get updated. I was talking to Dan Waldschmidt, he is a big-time sales maven who you should read if you don’t, and he said: “So basically you get to interact all day with a bunch of really smart, dynamic people.”  That’s the biggest change, and it’s awesome.

The Funnelholic: What can your readers do to help, Craig?

Craig: Well, Craig, my job is to recruit experts. If a reader is an expert on a topic (primarily b2b-type topics) and wants to be a contributor, please apply here or email me at crosenberg AT If you know someone who is an expert, please introduce them to me. Unsure if someone is an expert? That’s OK, send them to, and we will figure it out.

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • Could be the easiest interview you ever had.