The world’s most incomplete list of inside sales experts

This blog post contains a list of experts in the Inside Sales space. This list is incomplete, is missing people, and in general is not ready for prime-time, this I admit.  Please play along:  My goal is to create a fairly complete list of experts in the inside sales space. My hope is that if I post the “World’s Most Incomplete List of Inside Sales Experts”, readers of this blog will recommend experts to complete my list. I actually tweeted out this request and didn’t get anything, so I feel like I am doing a service to the world. There you have it.

Here is how I am thinking about this list:

1.  Inside Sales is defined as people who make their living using the phone as their primarily vehicle for selling.  This can mean lead qualification or closing revenue over the phone.
2.  An expert for the sake of this exercise fits the following criteria:

a.  Tweets and Followers (sorry, welcome to 2010)
b.  Blogging (once every two weeks is all I was looking for here)
c.   Inside Sales as expertise…there is a lot of REALLY good sales bloggers out there that I read regularly that I purposely left off the list.  The key here is that these people actually care about inside sales, the profession.
d.   There is one guy I have to leave on even though he continues to ignore letters a and b above and that is Stu Silverman who was my mentor and gets a pass.

3. Who I missed is as important as who i have….either send me people I missed in the comments (keep the rules above in your head), tweet it to me, or email me at craig AT funnelholic DOT com.


1. Mike Damphousse
2. Trish Bertuzzi
3. Josiane Feigon
4. Stu Silverman
5. Anneke Seley
6. Matt Bertuzzi
7. Ken Krogue
8. Karla Blalock
9. Aaron Ross
10. Chris Snell
11. Steve Richard
12. Geoff Alexander
13. Art Sobczak

New Additions:

14.  Matt Heinz
15.  Michael Pedone
16.  Mark Roberge
17. Simon Carruthers
18.  Larry Reeves
19.  Bob Perkins
20.  Mike Brooks
21.   Kevin Gaither
22.  Dan McDade
23.  Laurie Page

More New Additions (9/9/10)

24.  Sharon Little
25.  Tom Scontras

Remember, I want more…send, tweet, whatever, but hurry, I want to get this list to 30 in a week.

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter