Marketing Metrics: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

First, let me be as direct as possible: This post is to strongly encourage Funnelholic readers to sign up for my Webinar on July 14, The Nine Metrics every Marketer Must Track.

I just got the deck from my special guest, Megan Heuer, a Sirius Decisions Sales and Marketing Thought Leader. This is going to be a great Webinar – the content looks terrific.

“Metrics” went from a hot buzzword to “table-stakes” for how marketing departments run their businesses. You have to run your business using metrics. The days of marketers defining success with the shiny new ad copy they created are over. Marketing organizations of today are run with specific success metrics. I think most marketers understand this. Once they do, they encounter four main questions:

  • What metrics should we track?
  • Why should we track these metrics?
  • How am I really doing against these metrics?
  • How do I track these metrics?

That is why we decided to do this Webinar: To help organizations answer these four questions. I have my own answers to these questions.; Megan’s preso also answers them and then some.  I have learned a lot just from reading the deck.  So, sign up here to join us, it’s going to be great:

The Nine Metrics Every Marketer Must Track
Starring: Megan Heuer from Sirius Decisions (Smart, very smart) and Craig Rosenberg of the Funnelholic and Tippit (not as smart, but witty)
Event Date: July 14, 2009
Time: 10:00 AM PDT

Let do this: Sign up here

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  • Craig,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Marketbright. Wanted to know if you could provide a link to our blog from your blog as we have linked to yours.


    Patrick Ross

  • Greg Snowman

    How do I get a copy of the presentation slides for The Nine Metrics Every Marketer Must Track? I watched the presentation, but didn’t see an option to print them out.