The Definitive Lead Nurturing Playbook with Tony Jaros, Sirius Decisions

I am doing a great webinar with Tony Jaros from Sirius Decisions on Lead Nurturing.  I just want to get a couple things straight about why I legitimately think you should come:

1. There is actionable advice  —  there is a lot of lead nurturing content on the Internet, none of them as good as this.  Tony will give attendees a playbook so that they can go out and do something about this.

2. Lead nurturing is the most important thing you will do this year, and you have no idea how to get it done effectively. This is a repeat of #1, but it’s true.  Lead nurturing is not just a buzzword, it’s mission-critical.

3. Tony Jaros is one of the smartest dudes in the business – folks, he is really good.  And I have seen the deck.  This will be really good stuff.

4. There will be zero selling, only educating – I like that myself.  Now, I will sell myself and Tony of course, but that’s ego and not for commercial reasons.

I look forward to people coming to the webinar, and I hope for lively conversation.  Please join us and please pass along word to your friends.

Click here to join The Definitive Lead Nurturing Playbook with Tony Jaros and The Funnelholic.

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  • I am curious to know if these webinars that I keep seeing are available in an archive somewhere–either for free or for sale? I just found your blog today and am very intrigued in how these webinars can help my growth in my own budding sales career. However, I was not around during the actual sessions, so I missed out. Any info would be much appreciated.