How to Use Social Media in B2B Marketing

Social media: Nothing is hotter with B2B marketers.  I mean, if you want to get traffic, talk about social media … it’s uncanny.  The problem is nobody knows what to do with it — particularly where to start.  That’s why we decided to do our Webinar, “Using Social Media in Your B-to-B Marketing: The 5 Best Practices for Building Dialogue & Demand.”

For our Webinars and offers, we are very big in providing as much “real” value as possible. It would be easy for me to get the reg by just saying “social media,” but when we produce content, we want viewers to derive real value.  To do that for this Webinar, we’re trying to help B2B marketers make sense of social media and leave with some tangible action items.

I hope you get a chance to join and even more so, I hope you get some real value.

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Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • I loved the seminar today. Will it be available for download?
    Thanks, Mike

  • Just a kind FYI – the date on the landing page is the 28th but after you register it confirms the 29th.

    I signed up and I am looking forward to it. Thanks for all the great posts!

  • David Belden

    I missed the webinar but would love to watch it if it was recorded. So add me to the list of people who would like to see it if it can be downloaded!
    Thanks, David