B2B buying has changed forever — Adapt or pay the price

The “B2B buyer has changed forever”.  I love it, I didn’t come up with it, it was actually Jon Miller.  It’s so powerful and so real right now.  The b2b buyer’s behavior is in the midst of a major change and b2b vendors need to listen.  This isn’t just about elongating sales cycles (which is happening, big time), but how buyers buy, that is, how they research, compare vendors, shortlist, and make the decisions.  There are a number of contributing factors such as the role of the internet, but one is the most obvious and the most influential: the recession.  Selling is harder than ever, and organizations need to listen and understand their buyer to compete.

That’s why I love the upcoming tele-seminar: Buyer Behavior in a Recession. Two of the smartest guys I know, Scott Albro, CEO of my company Tippit, and Jon Miller, VP of Marketing from Marketo, tackle this crucial and complex topic.  This tele-seminar should be valuable not only because of the topic but because there will be the ability to ask questions via Twitter and Facebook before, during, and after the session creating an open communication platform.  Also, Scott, is not just going to present the changes but talk proactively about solutions.  I can tell you, this will be good.

Click here to register and join the fun.

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