The recession hits b2b media: CNET and TechTarget cut back

There isn’t a company in business today not announcing layoffs, but over the last couple days, we saw some layoffs that really hit home in the b2b media business.  One thing to understand is that despite being in the online media business myself, I don’t relish “competitors” getting hit.  In fact, I want the opposite: We can all win with a big, competitive b2b media space.

Net-net: CBS Interactive laid off a bunch at CNET which includes a big number in the BNET/b2b business.  There are plenty of articles on it, here’s one.

As well, TechTarget cut about 76 jobs or 12 percent of their workforce. Read here.

Here’s to hoping there isn’t too much more (but I don’t believe that is true)

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  • Ouch. The ripples start lapping at our shores…

    Our agency hasn’t felt the shock wave yet but we are seeing signs like these — and we are being much more conservative because of them (delaying that new hire… deferring the office move… scaling back the Christmas goodies).

    If you extrapolate these small contractions in one tiny agency in London, that’s what a recession is.

  • Agree with Doug. We have an extremely strong 2009, but it pays to be cautious and stewardly with what you have regardless of what is on paper. Our agency is pretty large and purely interactive so for the most part clients that are shrinking marketing budgets are putting online so are budgets remain safe or even a little bigger then last year. But we all know good things don’t last forever…