Notes on a Scorecard

Just a quick sidenote: I used to love the “Notes on a Scorecard” articles on Allan Malamud from the LA Times sportspage. (no wikipedia page for him…bummer)  To me, he started the quick, witty bulleted style of writing articles that were easy to read.  Why do I honor Alan today? Because I have a couple quick “bullets” on my mind, not a whole post…so here it goes:

  • I am going to run a Thought Leadership Interview series over the next couple months where I ask lead generation experts 6-7 questions about b2b demand generation and sales and marketing.  It should be fun.
  • I loved this blog post title on the B2B Lead Blog: The “Oh $#%@!” Day in Marketing is coming….  It’s declaring January 15 this day, but is really about December.  It’s so true, there are a bunch of marketers who have been “planning” this month and we will wake up mid-January with ZERO pipeline
  • December has been crazy!  My buddy in the hedge fund business is talking about how Q4 2008 will be the quarter of paralysis, but we are working with a ton of active vendors…
  • Peer reviews.  More on this in later posts, but we have been doing our research over the last year shows explosive growth in buyer preferences for peer reviews.  We have always done fluffy customer success storied and “case studies”, but marketers are going to have to “keep it real” in 2009 with real people and real stories of successful usage of your solutions.
  • The Marketing Automation Vendor Dogfight.  As a journalist I look forward to the market share battles between marketing automation vendors.  As a lead generation provider, I love people implementing these systems.  Hurumph
  • I get a new Twitter follower every day, and I don’t know how.  That’s got to be good right?
  • Have I mentioned Copyblogger?  I’ll have to dig, but I didn’t put them on the Top of the Funnel awards list, but I read their stuff all the time…very good

Signing off.

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  • Peter

    December has been very hectic for us. We have less people doing more.

  • Thanks for the B2B Lead mention! We’ve gotten lots of great feedback and LEADS from our “OH $#%@ Day” program.

    I love the thought leadership intereviews you’re doing and I too am very anxious to see what comes of the marketing automation vendor dogfight. With stepping into the space, there’s bound to be lots of more fighting for market share in the near furture!