Dear Demand-Generation Person: Put on Your Speedo!

Everyone and their mom has been following Michael Phelps’ quest for and achievement of eight gold medals. Speaking of Phelps and social media: Paul Dunay just Twittered that Phelps has 7,500 Facebook friend requests and will have to shut his account down. Welcome to social networking Michael. Anyway, the real story for anyone involved in swimming is the Speedo LZR swimsuit. Since its introduction, somewhere around 50 to 60 world records have fallen. Without getting into why (read here if you want to know more), the bottom line is that the suit is a massive breakthrough. Speedo says that the suit reduces drag by 10 percent and “oxygen efficiency” by 5 percent. At the Olympic Trials, other swimsuit vendors like Nike Inc. and TYR Sport Inc. had to let their swimmers swim in the LZR or risk having their swimmers lose. Wow.

So why in the heck would I bring this up? Marketing automation is the marketing/lead-generation program’s Speedo. Here are the four reasons why:

  1. Marketing automation is a legal, breakthrough technology that will make your business a world-class operation.
  2. If you don’t use it, your competitors will leave you in their wake.
  3. Marketing automation makes your company better, but it is just “shelf-ware” if you don’t have effective marketing and marketing execution. In other words, the worst swimmer won’t actually be much faster — the real upside is to make outstanding swimmers break world records.
  4. You will look like a hero.

Marketing automation will save us all … embrace it.

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  • Quentin J.

    Marketing automation is a tool for closing the loop between sales and marketing, providing a more efficient means of marketing. But is this a tool that will be solely relied upon to complete this task? With all the various mediums being used today, is it feasible to believe that marketing automation can in fact perform these processes better/more efficiently etc.? I would be interested to hear, from anyone, about their experiences with marketing automation, the upsides and pitfalls.

  • I liked this post, but hasn’t been quite as popular unfortunately….i am going to change a couple things, but it won’t save it.