Don’t call it a comeback, i’ve been here for years

LL Cool J: "Don't call it a comeback"Ok, call it a comeback. One thing I will admit is that I have been very inconsistent in updating the funnelholic. That is not good. (considering I claim to be an expert in b2b marketing, )

The long of the short of it is that the funnelholic is making a comeback. The goal for the rest of 2008 will be to update the funnlholic 1-2x a week. As I gear up for some prolific blogging, I finally started to read all the posts and watched all the webcasts I had been putting in my queue over the last couple months. This Saturday, I looked at every blog on Jon Miller’s Big list of b2b marketing blogs. Check out his post, that was a big task///138 blogs. By the way, great linkbait by Jon there but nonetheless a great list of the B2B marketing blogosphere.

In sum, the funnelholic is back.

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