Gotta stump for a couple webinars


As you know, I write for Inside CRM…we have just launched into a webinar series in conjunction with Microsoft. I thought the first one was really good, I would check it out in archive form, ie, watch at home whenever. Click here and watch: It was a primer for CRM…really good stuff.

The second webinar is coming up on Sales reps not actually using the CRM at their companies. I love this topic…as a guy who used to run around the valley and build sfa process for VPs of Sales and watch him/her struggle to get their Field Reps information, I know this pain. I would call the Field Reps and they complained how it slowed them down, too many clicks, etc. Microsoft is trying to solve this and the guest speakers make the presentation very relevant.

Click here to sign up, make sure when you get your confirmation you put log an Outlook calendar item.

Convince your sales reps to use your CRM

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  • Where can I go to get more information on CRM vendor evaluations, particuliarly for enterprise level organizations looking to implement a solid CRM solution geared towards B2B Marketing Campaign Management, eNurturing and Lead Management Capabilities? I’m currently checking out Eloqua, Marketo, MarketBright, VTrenz and Manticore but I’m not certain there are the right players. Can’t find any insight from Forrester or Gartner.

    Any ideas?


  • Its a new market that is still emerging. You are barking up the right tree in terms of vendors.

    This is still a work in process, but is something:

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