B2B Lead Generation: Buy and Create Leads (registrations) and Cook em in a pot like Gumbo

Two reasons for the title:

1. Buy registrations¬Ě — My colleagues have started to harass me for not talking more about how to deal with online B2B lead generation

2. “Cook em in a pot like Gumbo,” I had to get a line from an old Ice Cube song into my blog

Back to business, I realized that my experience in the front of the funnel is not limited to the role of the Lead Qualification/Inside Sales teams nor is it limited to Linkedin posts, but rather I created the blog to discuss all aspects of B2b lead generation. I have a lot to say.

The current online B2B lead generation market is dominated by registration-collection: whitepaper downloads, co-reg, webinar registrations, etc. Sales Reps are not really enamored by the majority of these leads and as a marketer, you hear their clamoring. The truth is, in most cases, the Sales Reps are right, the vast majority of these leads are for the marketing funnel, not the sales funnel. I realize sales want leads they can work on NOW and that will always be our fight, but that does not mean that online registrations are not of value. You just have to know how to use them.

Some of the best marketers today but as many online registrations they can afford. They put these leads in their marketing database and go to work on them. You have to weed out the typical competitors, John Doe, and students. (By the way, you should have your online vendor do that for you,don’t pay for those). The nurture game is one of the most important facets of today’s marketing organization. Your marketing campaign to an individual lead or contact starts with some declaration of interest on the part of the prospect. They may have downloaded a third-party research report, your whitepaper, attended a webinar. Whatever it may be, you now know that it is time to spend some money on them.

<p class="MsoNormal"Cook em in a pot like Gumbo." Overtime, you will realize ROI for your lead costs. This won't help you with the bean counters 30 days into your initial buy, but it is the reality of the business. Just keep them away from sales until they are sales ready.

Here is what I suggest:

1. Buy Online Leads (from relevant sources. Just make sure that the site you are buying them from or the offer that you are using drives the RIGHT person)

2. Run them through some type of Lead Qualification Process preferably a team

a. The most telling metric of the sales-readiness of the leads you are buying should be leads-to-opportunities or simple sales acceptance (sales saying that was worth their time). Don’t get caught in trying to get immediate close rates off leads

b. ROI, plead, lobby, etc to get everyone to understand that lead ROI should be over the course of time.

3. Send the Sales Ready leads to sales and put the rest in the Marketing Pipeline, and by the way, do this gladly, do NOT be ashamed

4. Nurture the rest back to the top.

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • Hi,

    It is probably worth mentioning that business directories are now providing leads generation services.

    They provide a decent Return on investment as a lead generation channel. Probably not as good as leads generated from your own website, but still, if qualified properly, can potentially become one of your main online marketing channel.