I heart Linkedin

So, i just read this article by Bambi Francisco about Linkedin.com. The article itself is interesting because the internet renaissance is putting tremendous value on these networking sites ala Facebook. I like Linkedin alot for reasons I will list below but never thought of it as a billion dollar company. Let me preface this, I am not subscribed for any of their services so I may not be as qualified as others to talk about this, but it is my blog so I will. It sounds like things are really moving for these guys: “Today, Linkedin has 70 employees and estimates to be a year behind popular social network Facebook in generating sales…That means Linkedin is set to generate between $45 million and $60 million next year. Linkedin CEO Reid Hoffman boldly predicts the company will hit $100 million in 2008.” And just like the other networking sites, Hoffman threw up Linkedin and figured out how to make money on it later.

This is The Funnelholic so I want to shart the value I believe Linkedin.com has for me:

1. Recruiting — it really is a great place to recruit bottom line. Not only can really find out who is doing what where, it is invaluable to figure out if you have an “in”.

2. Lead Generation — Linkedin today likes scale for this type of activity. For instance, I would not recommend the Oracle marketing department use Linkedin for lead generation. I will however say that for real target account selling, leveraging Linkedin is a great call. This is especially true if you are selling to Sales and Marketing. You can figure out who you want to talk to, who else is in their group, and if you have an “in”. It is a great tool for this.

3. Linkedin spam — I am not as popular as some but linkedin spam is a growing concern. I get a bit but not as much as Bill Gates did. (see below)
4. Bill Gates — There is a rumor that Bill Gates loves Linkedin and that he has been a user for awhile. He had a public profile but was getting inundated with link requests. The word is that he has a hidden profile on Linkedin and is a regular user.

Read the linkedin.com article.

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